Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Let the games begin.

While Summer has yet to arrive, Cullen has just finished his inaugural T-Ball "season." The season consisted of 5 weeks of drills:  throwing, hitting, fielding and running the bases.  While Cullen was moderately interested in the throwing and fielding parts, games of catch would usually end with him running in circles or commenting on the guys playing softball on the opposite field.
Cullen:  Dad, those guys have numbers on their back!
Dad:  Yes they do, now go back over and throw the ball to me.
Cullen:  Why do they have numbers on their back?
Dad:  Ah, because that's what they use to tell the players apart.
Cullen:  Why?
Dad:  How the hell should I know, now get your ass back over there and throw me the  #*&#$!ball.
*The last statement was the authors thoughts and not verbalized.

When the hitting drills began, Cullen was all focus and having a blast.  At home he has always gripped the bat as a lefty so we went with that.  I think Grandpa Mark might be behind this, but he does a really good job making contact for a three year old and knocks it all over the field.

Base running ended up being Cullen's biggest joy.  This had little to do with the actual running of bases, as he would usually end of running for home plate when he was halfway between second and third.  The real excitement of base running was that all of his "teammates" would line up by home plate and slap five as he ran towards home.

Simone was content eating cheerios on the sideline (one of her favorite past-times).

Cullen certainly has a love for sports an we can't wait to see how far he takes it!

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