Tuesday, June 28, 2011

picnics, skinned knees, baseball, sunrises and sunsets....

Here's an update on our summer happenings:
- Grandma Liz and Grandpa Mark brought down Cullen and Simone's Christmas present:  a pint-sized picnic table.  The kids love to sit together and eat their treats outside.
- Simone's favorite new activity involves climbing inside her to table to play.
- Cullen's favorite new activity involves playing educational games on Mom's ipad. 
- We went to dinner last Friday at the scenic Trempeleau Hotel.  The restaurant was a bit stuffy for the kids, but they had a blast playing in the yard.  Cullen fell down a few times and skinned his knee, but Dr. Dad was able to make it all better. 
- Simone's hair is starting to come in.  She has just one little curl behind her right ear.
- We took in a La Crosse Loggers baseball game with Tracy, Jason and Jameson.  Cullen, Jameson and Simone spent more time playing and exploring than watching the game.  But that's to be expected - right?!
-  Finally, Dirk captured an awesome sunrise one morning.  The amazing view never gets old.


Aron Dawson said...

Summer vacation is a most interesting for all. This time we spend time many way. This vacation we arranged a softball or baseball match. Its increase our happiness. Thanks for share your happy moments.

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