Saturday, June 11, 2011

hot. hot. hot.

The summer heat has turned up!  So with the heat comes the fun backyard activities.  Cullen and Jameson had their 2011 fishing expedition.  They both caught some huge sunfish (huge to a 3-year-old) with the help of their fathers.  Cullen's fishing luck was due to his new Buzz Lightyear pole, while Batman brought Jameson his.  We also set up the 2011 Swanson family pool straight outta the box.  Cullen didn't mind the freezing water from the hose - he just kept running from the far end of the yard to see how big of a splash he could make.  Simone loved the water table.  She just enjoys standing next to anything that is her "size".  She is still close to walking but not taking any steps on her own yet.  Dirk and I just enjoyed sitting on the patio, cocktails in hand, watching the kids!

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