Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Chairs

Simone is obsessed with little chairs.  Basically anything that is her "size".  She constantly crawls into Cullen's room where we find her sitting at his table and chairs playing.  We recently moved her rocking chair from the bedroom to our family room.  She loves to sit and rock back and forth and back and forth....

Simone is now taking a few steps on her own.  We have caught her taking as many as 6 at a time.  She still prefers to crawl - because she can get from point A to point B pretty fast that way - but the walking will be here in no time.  Because she is always on her knees, we have been sending her to school everyday with a dress and leggings.  We make sure to put leggings on to protect her little knees when she plays outdoors.  We know that once she is walking she is no longer a baby and will no longer need the leggings.  Until then, she can remain our baby.

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