Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Little Triathlete

Cullen participated in his first triathlon on Saturday.  The events for the 3 - 4 year-old division were as follows:  swim 20 yards, bike 1/4 mile and run 0.1 miles.  The triathlon was not timed, the goal was merely to finish and have fun while doing so.  Dirk completed the tri alongside Cullen.  Dirk participated in his first sprint triathlon this spring, so he had lots of pointers for the little man.   Cullen opted to swim with the help of Dad, his water belt and the noodle.  As he transitioned out of the pool, his cheering section was there to keep him motivated  (Mom, Simone, Jason, Tracy, Jameson and Quinn).  Dirk was so concerned with getting Cullen ready for the bike that you will notice he neglected to put shoes on his own feet.  This became a bit painful when he and Cullen finished the run in a field of sand burrs.  Cullen attributes his performance to his balance bike and his "fast shoes".   He finished the tri with flying colors and received a medal at the end.  And in his mind, the grand prize was the bounce house at the end of the finish line.  We asked if he would like to do it again next year and he said yes.   We are very proud of our little triathlete. 

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