Monday, April 1, 2013

Hoppy Easter.

We had a great Easter holiday weekend.  The kids went on 2013's first bike ride (Cullen on his new bike and Simone on the Strider balance bike).  They decorated eggs, played with toys, went swimming at the Y's indoor pool and awaited a visit from their favorite bunny.  On Easter morning, Cullen woke up at the crack of dawn to find his basket.  We coaxed him to cuddle in bed with us until Simone woke up.  Then, it was off on the hunt.  We instructed the kids to find a basket that belonged to them with a "C" or and "S".  Cullen spied his sister's basket before she did and was sweet enough to keep walking - allowing her the glory.  That tricky rabbit  hid Cullen's basket in the bathtub - which he thought was hilarious!  We then went to mass and onto Bob and Mimi's for brunch.  We had a few special additions:  Kari, Charlie and Claire Nelson and Marilyn Kennedy.   Everyone had a hoppy Easter!

We are ready for the renewal that spring brings:  melting snow, fresh flowers, green grass and the ability to play outside! 


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