Sunday, April 14, 2013

LaVigne's Unite.

This time we united for Aunt Gerrie.  A celebration of her life was planned so that everyone could come together to tell stories, laugh, and just be together.  It's hard to put into words what it's like to be a LaVigne - as Marybeth tried to explain to her boyfriend, Little Jake, "we are going to my aunt and uncles and there could be anywhere from 10 to 40 people there".  It's a loud and loving family.  The volume would have been just as loud if there were 10 members of the family present, but as it turned out, we were closer to the 40 number (a small, intimate gathering).   Everyone wants to be in the same room and many times there are bodies stacked shoulder to shoulder just so no one misses out on anything.  Many stories and fabrications are told and retold and those stories only get better with time.  One key thing to remember is to never show your soft underbelly - any vulnerability will be exposed and the twins will be sure to needle you mercilessly.  And any newbie is sure to leave their first encounter with a nickname and a fair amount of teasing.  It's quite the scene when we all come together, I think we all just wish it happened more often!

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