Thursday, February 13, 2014

Builder, Architect and Engineer.

Cullen's favorite toy of the moment:  Magnatiles.  These super cool tiles fit together with magnets to allow for some inventive creations.  Cullen builds garages for his monster trucks, an airplane hanger for his planes and towers taller than his five-year-old body.  Simone sometimes joins him and screams can be heard if she "knocks down his work".  I'm not sure what this kid will be when he grows up, but he sure seems to like building, creating and inventing.

Dirk and Charlie took Cullen on his first ice fishing expedition.  Cullen called it a "wild goose chase" as there weren't any fish biting that day.  They'll get 'em next time....

Cullen and Dirk also have a new obsession with the Wii game Mario Kart.  While not a huge fan of video games, this winter has left us no choice!  It's actually been really fun to see the boys race each other and then team up together to try to beat the game characters.  If you are up for some competition, stop by!

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