Thursday, February 13, 2014

Doc Simone

There's a new cartoon on the Disney Channel called "Doc McStuffins" about a little girl who takes care of all of her sick toys and makes them better.  Simone loves Doc and is frequently using her doctor tools to diagnose our family's ailments.  Sometimes, I actually think she enjoys giving us shots!  Hopefully her desire to help others will stay with her for the long haul.

Simone is quite the spitfire.  She is very dramatic.  Highs are high and lows are low.  Crying comes easily when frustrated or told "no", but she seems to recover just as fast.  Simone loves pretend play:  dolls, doctor, store, etc.  Ever since she was a baby, she can often be found in a corner with books.  She actually thinks she can read and tells elaborate stories to go along with her pictures.  She is very much a momma's girl.  Only I can read her books at night (if I am out of the house, Dad will do!). However, she demands that after books, her dad cuddle with her in bed.  Simone still adores Cullen, whom she refers to as "brother".  She is often his best friend and worst annoyance all at the same time.

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