Thursday, September 4, 2014

backyard tenting.

So after our sandbar camping debacle last summer, we decided that our kind of camping is backyard camping.  Therefore, we set up a tent in the backyard and roasted S'mores.  This type of camping is awesome!  The refrigerator keeps the beer cold, the bathroom is always clean and I can actually sleep in a bed while the braver family members lay in the tent.  This night brought its own challenges.  After skipping a nap, Simone was a bit testy.  She hauled off and hit her brother for no reason.  To make an example out of this action, we told her she was not allowed to sleep in the tent.  She cried for awhile, but still played in the tent decked our in her pjs.  Cullen, of course, was on cloud 9!  He loves the tent and thinks peeing outside is the best part!  At the close of the night (and maybe we allowed the kids to stay up too late), Simone and I went to bed and Cullen decided that the house was a better option.  No one actually slept in the tent.  But I guess it didn't matter.  The kids still think it was a great night!!

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