Thursday, September 4, 2014

say yes to facepainting

We have some friends in La Crosse whose 4-year-old son is battling cancer.  As a tribute to Will, we are involved in #actsofyes.  Basically, they are wishing for everyone to make the most out of the moments with our kids.  It's time to say Yes to the small requests:  ice cream before dinner, playing in the rain, fingerpainting, etc.  On the night of Cullen's Kindergarten open house, we decided to dine at the local root beer stand.  They had hired a face-painter to entertain the customers.  There was a small line and Dirk and I were wishing that we could just get home.  Simone and Cullen looked at us and said "PLEASE can we get our faces painted?!"  At that moment, Dirk looked at me and said "Say yes".  And I knew exactly what he meant.  Instead of rushing through life and letting the little things frustrate you.  It's time to live in the now and just say yes.  Will, we are thinking of you every day and hoping and praying that you will beat Cancer.  You are a tough kid, show 'em what you've got!

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