Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A spring concert.

We were lucky enough to attend the most fabulous spring music concert last weekend.  Simone and her friends from the YMCA daycare put on a top-notch performance.  Simone's class stated with the Color Song, then went into Little Bunny Foo Foo and ended the concert with I Love My Little Dinosaur Pet (sung to the tune of I Love My Little Calendar Girl).  Simone kept telling us that she was nervous, but when the songs started she was up there singing and dancing and didn't skip a beat.  Jameson noticed that "Simone knew every word to all of the songs".  My personal favorite was the little hand on the hip dance move that she perfected.  Simone was lucky enough to have a large fan base: Dad, Mom, Cullen, Tracy, Jameson and Quinn.  And she made her fans very proud.

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