Tuesday, March 17, 2015


In February, we experienced Paridisus.  The Swanson family was lucky enough to take a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  The resort where we stayed was the perfect blend of relaxation and family fun.  The kids learned the value of a swim-up-bar.  The vacation almost started out on the wrong foot when we found toy guns that Cullen had stashed in the carry on.  After the gun was discarded, the vacation commenced!  Cullen and Simone did great on the flights and when we arrived at the resort, their sights were set on the pool.  The resort offered a personal concierge to make dinner reservations and most importantly, put personal touches in our hotel room.  After returning to our room from the pool or beach, Allan (the concierge) would fill the tub with bubbles and balloons.  Cullen and Simone were in heaven.  Paradisus Esmeralda also hosted a waterslide and three pools.  Every afternoon, there were nachos and cotton candy next to the pool.  Cullen ate so many, we thought he would turn orange.  Simone was partial to the cotton candy machine.   Overall, Dirk and I were able to relax by the pool with some fruity cocktails and just enjoy being with the kids.  Sure, there were moments when the kids were crabby (see the photo of Cullen at Xcaret).  But overall, we had a great time.  Truly relaxing.  

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