Tuesday, February 24, 2015

BGC Basketball

Wooden, Krzyzewski, Ryan,.....Swanson!?  Yes, I now consider myself in this hallowed group of coaches.  Why is this you ask?  Well, we just closed out an undefeated season in Youth Developmental Basketball.   Although, my coaching was essentially making sure the kids remembered what number sub they were.  I want to think that my little contribution went a long way in helping these Kindergartners, 1st and 2nd graders stay focused on the game.  In all honesty, I'm not really even sure about the undefeated part.  Our sharp shooter, Brent, informed us before every game that we were 15-0, I was a bit skeptical being that we had only played 10 games.  I did know that we won those 10 games though.  This was because our player/coach Talon would always inform me that we were up 10.  Funny thing was that, according to him, we were always up 10, even right after the opening tip.  The MVP in this coach's eyes, and they are a bit biased eyes, was one Cullen Swanson.  This was Cullen's first year playing basketball.  Which is odd because I've been watching him shoot baskets since he was 2yrs old.  Typical of Cullen, he jumped in with both feet.   If we played at 4, he wanted me to pick him up early so he could shoot around before the game.  If we played at 5, we wouldn't leave the Boys and Girls Club until 6:30.    It was a fun year all around, it's such a wonderful thing, watching these little kids and the excitement when a shot went in or a good pass was made.  The season ended on a perfect note.  Our big guy, William, got the ball with 5 seconds left, turned around and threw up a long jump shot and in it went as the buzzer sounded.  It was for the win, by 10.

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Erin said...

Where is the "love" button on this thing? Youth Development Association Coach of the Year, when do you get your plaque?