Sunday, February 1, 2015

Shiny II

I regret to inform our readers that Cullen's beloved pet fish, Shiny, was murdered.  Negligent homicide to be precise.

Three years ago, Shiny joined our family.  Dirk actually won him at the bottle-toss game during La Cross'e Octoberfest celebration.  We expected Shiny to live 1 week tops.  We believe he may have been the longest living carnie fish ever.

The story goes:  Simone and Quinn were playing in Cullen's room and proceeded to dump a whole can of fish food into his tank.  Cullen knew right away that his best fish was in trouble.  He and Dirk promptly cleaned the tank, but later that evening. Cullen noticed that Shiny was swimming upside down.  Dirk and I had a long talk with Cullen explaining that Shiny was sick and not actually doing tricks.  We went on to say that he might not make it through the night.  This set Cullen over the edge.  He cried and cried and cried himself to sleep that night,  "I am so worried about Shiny".  "I love Shiny so much".   Dirk and I laid in his bed and hugged our sweet boy as a cried into his pillow.  The next morning, Shiny was discovered dead in his tank.  Dirk asked Cullen if he wanted to help flush him and Cullen said that he couldn't bear to watch.

We then promised him that he could get a new pet fish.  Cullen picked out a beautiful goldfish whom he appropriately named Shiny II.  We are delighted to welcome another fish into the family and hope that Shiny II lives a long, prosperous life.

P.S.  You may be wondering if Simone paid the consequence for murdering Shiny I.  We did have a strong talk with her about taking care of pets and the fact that she should have known better.  We also told her that she was not responsible enough to have a pet fish of her own.  She has since been very nice to Shiny II.


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