Sunday, February 1, 2015

Little rippers

Ski season is here again!  We bought season passes to Mt. La Crosse (which I affectionately refer to as MOUNTAIN La Crosse).  We need to ski 5 times in order to be ahead of the ski pass price.  So far this season, we have been to the mountain 6 times.  Mission accomplished.  Cullen and Simone are both little rippers - tearing down the hill and carving turns.  Simone is no longer using the edgie-wedgie (the device keeping the toes of the skis together to help beginners).  She likes the shorter skis from last year because they are easier for her to control.  Cullen has discovered a love of tree runs and jumps (all age appropriate of course)!  We took a trip to Wausau, WI  with our neighbors over new years to ski at Granite Peak.  We may have spent more time in the water park because of cold temps, but it was still fun!  Next ski trip:  Big Sky or bust!

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