Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hangin with the Daines

What up? Cullen in the house. Whew, it’s been a busy week. In addition to me turning two months, I also had another shower and had the honor of meeting the Daines side of my family.

I got to meet the Daines family at my Cousin Kayla’s wedding reception. Boy are they a lively bunch, I’m lucky I got a nap on the trip down so I was able to keep up. I was extremely hungry from my shower earlier in the day (thanks Barb, Deb, Marilyn, and Elinor) and I quickly drank eight ounces of formula. I almost went ounce for beer with my Uncle Vernon! After that I spent the night hanging with my cousins Allyson, Kelsey, and Ryan. I am extremely excited to spend a lot more time with these guys in the future. Hopefully, Allyson and Kelsey will show me their secrets of text messaging and Ryan will show me how he became the coolest little guy in the room.

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