Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moore Cullen

Cullen attended his first ladies night – a.k.a. the Moore family shower. Aunt Kathy and Aunt Ann threw a very nice baby shower for Brigette and me and Wowee was nice enough to host the shower at her house. All of the Moore girl cousins were there + Grandma MaryAnne. Cullen was very thankful that his cousin Auggie came too – he needed another boy to help balance things out. Cullen was a bit overwhelmed by the commotion and the noise level – I think the Moore’s may be one of the loudest families ever! We spent the rest of the weekend in Minneapolis where Cullen was introduced to Maggie Hanson (+ her parents), the Lichty’s and the Pope’s. Notice the picture of Cullen in the U of M bib – I think Grandpa Mark nearly gave Dirk a heart attack, but I loved it. This was also my first official Mother’s Day. Cullen has attached a whole new meaning to the day. I feel truly blessed to be the parent of such a sweet baby.


The Clarks said...

given the look on cullen's face with that u of m bib on, i don't think you will have to worry about him wanting to wear that one much. he looks much, much more handsome in that other bib....because things DO go better with coke!!!

xoxo - love you guys!

above|below. said...

Happy Mother's Day Lisa!! He is SUCH a peanut.

It was great to see you this weekend- looking forward to the wedding, (and maybe highjacking the late-night festivities to some local karaoke dive bar, where we can croon corny love songs to the new couple, perhaps?)

ps- you should be able to link to my blog from this comment. xo, ang ;)