Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bring the Heat

Summer time has finally arrived in Wisco and it is going to be awesome. Nights on the patio, beverage in hand and Cullen, what more could one ask for. Cullen is really excited, we have introduced him to the beach. He's digging it, literally. In addition, he headed up to the Dickinson family compound this week for a pool date with his friends. Mom took the day off of work and joined in the fun. Dad has been playing some ball with Cullen. I hold him, place his hands on the bat and then we swing, he then runs around picking up the balls and then brings them back, yelling "ball, ball, ball". It's going to be a great next few months. He is really starting to develop quite the personality and his interests are growing by the day.

PS...sorry for the crappy post. I know that you have all grown accustomed to my witty and creative style. I was forced into this one tonight by the Mrs and as you all know you can't force greatness. :)

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