Monday, June 8, 2009

Life is busy. Life is good.

Cullen has been on the move and so have Mom and Dad. We've been to Chrissy and James' wedding in Green Lake, WI, Lisa went to work meetings in New Orleans for five days and we all spent last weekend in Minneapolis. This coming weekend, Dirk will be attending Drew's bachelor party in Chicago (Twins vs. Cubs) and Lisa will be up at Wowee's cabin for Annie's bachelorette party. But really, Cullen's "busy-ness" is the most interesting kind. He is always on the move. Cullen loves running from room to room, playing chase around the kitchen and taking out every toy in his basket before he finds the one that most interests him. Cullen has so much fun playing outside and usually cries when we bring him in (a trait that my mother says he inherited from me). We can now understand him saying "ball", "duck" and "dog". It's amazing to see that he is no longer a baby. Each day we watch him absorb and learn about the world around him. He truly is amazing.

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